School Council

School Council

Welcome to the School Council

We are an important part of our school. We make important decisions throughout the year, for the benefit of each member of our school community, ensuring that the opinions and suggestions of our fellow students are heard and acted upon.

We discuss a variety of issues that concern the rest of the school and make decisions on changes that will benefit our school community.

Our meetings are on a regular basis, where we discuss and plan future ideas.

As one School Councillor proudly says, speaking for all, “Every School Councillor makes a big change and then does what is best for the pupils and the future of the school.”

We are looking forward to a wonderful year, where will make a difference because our school and our children matter.

One School, One Voice

The school council has been working very hard and have made a big impact on our school. We have designed a slogan that we feel shows our mission:

"One school, one voice."

We felt this best described our role in the school. Our role is to be the voice of the children. Every class year 1-6 has a school council member and the children know they can go to them whenever there is something they want to say about the school, it may be a suggestion, improvement or comment. The school council members’ feedback at their meetings and their ideas and thoughts are passed onto Miss Lapsley.

Our Achievements

The school council have been very busy since we started. Some of our achievements include:

  • Meeting and talking to visitors to our school.
  • Interviewing people who want to work at Hinckley Parks.
  • Raising awareness for child line.
  • Making products for the school fayre.
  • Improving our dining hall and carrying out questionnaires.
  • Discussing behaviour and taking part in conferences with other schools.
  • Miss Lapsley asking us to make decisions about lunch and play time.